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About Me

My name is Kasey Shah. I am an admitted attorney with the California State Bar since 2016. I am also a patent attorney admitted by USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office). 

I run a solo law practice offering legal services to select few clients in California. I am excited to offer these services to businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals in San Francisco Bay Area as well as anywhere in the State of California. Currently, I am offering the legal services for Contract Law, Business Law, Dispute Resolution, and Patent Law areas. I believe that I can offer an affordable and quality legal services for these services and be an extended part of your organization to expedite your projects and initiatives.

Attorney Kasey Shah
Attorney Kasey Shah

Contract Law

Contract Law is one of my most favorite legal topics. I offer the following services in the Contract Law area.

I offer Contract Review legal services for simple as well as complex contracts. I can red line the contract, guide you to protect your interest, and work with the other contracting party or its legal representative.

I can draft legal contracts for your team or initiative. I can draft Non-disclosure agreements (NDA), employment contract, purchase and sale contract, and other similar contracts.

Business Law

I can work with your business or individually for your legal needs surrounding your business. I can be your legal adviser, strategist, and a trusted partner in your initiatives. I offer the following business law servvices.

I can help you with the formation of your business entity such as LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp etc. I can handle all aspects of business formation from filing, name search, obtaining Tax ID, and bylaws.

I can offer legal services around business restructuring for small business or a startup company. I can advise as well as draft necessary contracts to restructure the business entity, stock ownership, and more.

Attorney Kasey Shah
Attorney Kasey Shah

Dispute Resolution

I can provide legal services for any dispute between parties. I can provide demand letter, guidance, strategy, and legal resources required to resolve the dispute. I provide the following dispute resolution services.

I can provide a demand letter to the other party in dispute with you. 

I can provide legal guidance for the best course of action in a legal dispute situation. Often times, individuals are not sure about what could be the most legally sound and optimum route for them in a dispute. I can provide this legal guidance to you.

I can provide mediation in case of a dispute between the parties and resolve the dispute in the best interest of my client.

I can provide you resolution related contract between the parties in dispute.

Attorney Kasey Shah

Patent Law

As a USPTO admitted patent attorney, I can provide legal services related to intellectual property (IP) rights for your invention. I can guide you as to patentability of your invention. I can also provide patent filing (a.k.a. patent prosecution) services for your invention. I can also draft patent related contracts among inventors and parties involved.

I can help you with patentability and prior art search for your invention.

I can file for the patent rights on your behalf. 

I can draft licensing contracts related to your issued patent.

Attorney Kasey Shah


From time to time I write blog about legal topics of my interest and practice areas listed above. I would be delighted if you can read and comment on these blog posts. Also, please let me know if there are any particular area that you would like to see me blog about.