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Business Law Services

Business Formation

I can help you with the formation of your business entity such as LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp etc. I can handle all aspects of business formation from filing, name search, obtaining Tax ID, and bylaws.

Whether you are an individual who is forming your own new entity or a small business who may need to change the entity designation, I can help with the legal compliance. I can work with you or your company to understand the requirements and file necessary paper work for the entity formation.

I can work on an hourly basis or on an entity basis.

Business Restructuring

I can offer legal services around business restructuring for small business or a startup company. I can advise as well as draft necessary contracts to restructure the business entity, stock ownership, and more.

Business restructuring can be complicated process for a small business or an individual entrepreneur to carry out in a legally compliance manner. I can help you achieve your goals of business restructuring. Along the way, I can also offer valuable guidance related to the business restructuring.