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Contract drafting, review, negotiation, business formation, business law, dispute resolution between parties, Patent law guidance, and more.

Contract Law Services

Contract Review

I offer Contract Review legal services for simple as well as complex contracts. I can red line the contract, guide you to protect your interest, and work with the other contracting party or its legal representative.

Companies often miss out big opportunities due to delay in contract review process within the organization. Small companies often take big risk by not going through contract review and end up in dispute. Individuals cannot comprehend what are their rights and which conditions are against them in a given contract. 

I can offer my contract review services for affordable price and guarantee a reasonable short time for the turnaround. I can work with individual entrepreneurs, small, medium, and large enterprise companies within the jurisdiction of the State of California.

I can work on an hourly basis or on a contract by contract basis.

Contract Drafting

I can draft legal contracts for your team or initiative. I can draft Non-disclosure agreements (NDA), employment contract, purchase and sale contract, and other similar contracts.

I can work with your internal team as well as contracting parties to draft contracts that protect your rights in the event of a dispute in the future. I explain legal terms in plain English to my clients so that they can understand what these terms means in terms of business risk.

I can work on an hourly basis or on a contract by contract basis.