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Patent Law Services

Patentability Search

I can provide my legal services for patentability discussion, prior art search, and other strategic considerations for your invention. Prior art search can be daunting and a mistake can cost either a lots of money or missed patent rights. I can help you with proper patentability analysis for your invention.

Patent Filing (Prosecution)

I can provide my legal services for patent filing a.k.a. patent prosecution for your invention. Timing is very important in patent filing. However, immature filing can also result in a bar to patentability under 35 USC law. I can work with you or your company’s inventors to file your patent applications and take it through the prosecution process.

Patent Licensing Contracts

I provide patent licensing contract legal services within the State of California. If you want to enter into a licensing agreement with potential licensee of your invention, I can ensure that your rights are protected and you get the maximum value for your invention.